Is very low testosterone dangerous?

Testosterone, Muscle Strength, and “Multi-Morbidity” in Men

Having sufficient levels of testosterone is critical for men’s health at all ages. A study in 2018 confirmed that low and even moderate testosterone levels are associated with an increased risk of “multi-morbidity,” which means having at least two different diseases at the same time.

The morbidities included were obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, unhealthy cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, arthritis, emphysema, and depression.

The study found that even younger men (aged 20-39.9 years) have this association.

Testosterone levels and muscle strength (measured by grip strength) were measured in 2,399 men. Hypogonadism, or low testosterone, was found in 23% of young men (20-39.9 years), 36% of middle-aged men (40-59.9 years), and 35% of older men (over 60 years).

Low testosterone was associated with weaker grip strength in all groups. Even more worrisome, the low testosterone group was nearly three times more likely to have a risk of multi-morbidity, and even the moderate testosterone group had a 1.6-fold increased risk.

Conclusion: low testosterone, and muscle weakness as measured by grip strength, are associated with multi-morbidity at all ages.

Testosterone supplementation to bring testosterone to optimal levels could be one way to help reduce these risks.

For further information, consult the original paper here:

Peterson MD, Belakovskiy A, McGrath R, Yarrow JF. Testosterone Deficiency, Weakness, and Multi-morbidity in Men. Scientific reports. 2018;8(1):5897.