The Ziven Testosterone restoration program provides an affordable, convenient, and confidential way for men to GET IT BACK — reclaim the vitality that fades with age as testosterone levels decrease.

What does it cost? Why do I need a consultation? What will I receive each month? Answers to these questions and much more follows. Write us at if you need information not provided below. Also, visit these links for more about testosterone, the latest scientific articles in our Knowledge Center, information about how the program works, and to explore our comprehensive Patient Guide.

How much does the Ziven Testosterone restoration program cost?

Initial Consultation



  • Complete review of medical history
  • Physician’s consultation

Monthly Treatment



  • All medication and supplies
  • A complete therapeutic hormone program
  • All follow-up labs and consultations
  • Access to Ziven's healthcare professionals
  • Access to Ziven's Testosterone Resource library

Ziven’s basic testosterone restoration program costs $199.99 per month. Shipping is included. For most patients, medication and supplies are shipped every two months. If you are not approved for the program, you will not be charged.

Are there any discounts?

Ziven offers discounts to groups. Write us at if you would like more information on group discounts.

What’s included in the initial consultation?

Ziven uses state-of-the-art medical knowledge to evaluate our potential patients for testosterone restoration therapy. Your safety is our primary concern. The answers you give in your online consultation will be carefully reviewed to make sure testosterone therapy is appropriate and safe for your specific situation. 

What happens if I’m approved?

Ziven will send you an approval email. We’ll automatically order your first two-month supply of testosterone. Your payment method will be charged the initial $199.99, and then $199.99 per month thereafter.

Is Ziven Health available where I live?

We are currently accepting new patients located in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Contact us at if you have any questions about whether you are eligible for treatment with us or if you would like to learn more about where we are working on expanding to next.

What will my shipment contain?

Ziven has partnered with carefully-selected pharmacies in the U.S. to ensure your package will contain the highest-quality testosterone and supplies for safe and effective treatment.



If you are self-injecting your testosterone supplement, each shipment will include:

  • One or two vials of testosterone—your dosage will be indicated on the label of the box the vial typically ships in.
  • An estrogen blocker in pill form (for more information, visit our testosterone information page).
  • Syringes, either complete or as two separate components (barrel and needle).
  • Alcohol wipes for sterilizing the injection site and the vial membrane.
  • A sharps container for used syringes and needles. 
  • Instructions for self-injection.


If you are applying testosterone cream, each shipment will include:

  • Testosterone cream in a medical-grade dispenser with accurate dosage per click. Your dosage will be indicated on the packaging.
  • An estrogen blocker in pill form (for more information, visit our testosterone information page).

Is this everything I need? Will I run out of medicine and/or supplies?

The package contains everything you need for weekly injections of testosterone for two months. We also include an extra syringe, two extra estrogen blocker pills, and extra alcohol wipes in each package. This means you will have enough for one extra injection in case you run into a problem (such as accidental contamination of the needle, or a shipping delay). 

How do I store the testosterone and supplies?

Store the testosterone at room temperature; do not refrigerate it. Be sure to keep it and the other supplies out of the reach of children and pets. 

Do I need to take a lab test? What does it cost?

We need your baseline testosterone level in order to optimize your dosage. We will send you a saliva test kit separate from your first order. There is no additional charge for this test. It must be returned promptly or we may not be able to ship your second order.  

Can I cancel a shipment or return it and get a refund?

Once an order is placed, we cannot cancel shipments or make refunds. Like other medications, testosterone cannot be returned.

Will the price of my medicine or supplies increase? 

Ziven strives to offer the highest-quality products at affordable prices to our patients. We will only increase prices if our costs increase beyond our ability to absorb them. 

What about the other men's health companies offering cheaper testosterone?

We designed the Ziven Testosterone restoration therapy program to carefully balance cost, convenience, and safety. We use only the highest quality medication and supplies from our U.S. pharmacy partners. We use state-of-the-art medical knowledge to obtain the best results for our patients. While you may find less-costly testosterone programs, we are confident that you won’t find any that are safer, more convenient, and more focused on optimizing your vitality. 

Thank you for choosing Ziven Testosterone restoration therapy for men. If you haven’t already, sign up for our program and begin your journey to greater vitality — GET IT BACK!

The Ziven Team