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Welcome to Ziven’s Patient Guide. We’ve assembled a variety of resources relating to Ziven Testosterone restoration program for men that we hope will help you GET IT BACK: reclaim energy, fitness, and drive from years past.

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The Ziven Testosterone restoration program has been carefully designed to bring men’s testosterone levels back to where they were when they were younger.

Some men have naturally low testosterone levels throughout life, but all men produce less and less as they age.

What’s the benefit of restoring your testosterone level? In a word, greater vitality. Most men experience improvements in mood, sex drive, energy level, and body fat distribution after they’ve been on our program for several months (some even sooner).

We offer a deeper dive in both video and text formats at Testosterone Explained.



We’ve built the Ziven Testosterone restoration program to be the easiest such program available.

Our state-of-the-art consultation and fulfillment process allows you to sign up online and receive automated shipments from the privacy of your home. No doctor’s office visits or online conversations with people you don’t know; no need to remember to renew your prescription.

Here’s a basic outline of how the program works:
  • Set up an online account at, and enter a payment method.
  • Answer questions in our online consultation evaluation to determine if the program is safe and appropriate for you. The cost for this consultation is $40.00.
  • If approved, we will automatically order your medicine and supplies, and charge you for the first two-month supply.
  • Your package will include everything you need for self-injections or application of cream, depending on which method you chose during onboarding.
  • We’ll send you a saliva test separately to establish your baseline testosterone level. We need the results of this test before we can send your next shipment.
  • After that, each shipment will arrive automatically every two months.

See How It Works for more details.



Ziven Testosterone offers a balance of competitive pricing, highest-quality medicine and supplies, and state-of-the-art medical knowledge.

Our basic program is $199.99 per month, after a $40.00 consultation to make sure testosterone restoration is safe and appropriate for our patients.

This monthly cost, billed two months at a time, includes a two-month supply of:
  • Testosterone in self-injection or cream application form, depending on which method you chose during onboarding.
  • An estrogen blocker pill, taken twice a week, to help ensure your body continues to produce testosterone even with supplementation
  • If injecting: syringes and needles, alcohol wipes, and a jabs container for safe storage and disposal of used needles.

See Pricing and Products for complete information.



Our patients’ safety is Ziven’s first priority. Ziven Testosterone may not be appropriate for you, depending on your health condition, current medications, and other factors.

As many of our patients know, seeking testosterone restoration therapy can be an ordeal, involving doctor’s office visits, embarrassing conversations, visits to lab testing facilities, insurance hassles, and a lack of resources to understand how testosterone may benefit a man’s health, mood, and drive.

Ziven Testosterone has been designed to address each of these problems. Our philosophy is simple: we want to remove the barriers between patients and the treatment they need to improve not just health, but their overall lives.

We’ve made the onboarding process as simple but complete as we can. To get started, click here.

To ensure confidentiality, you’ll first set up an online account. Be sure to make note of the user name (usually your email address) and password.

Then, you’ll enter a payment method that will be used for the initial consultation fee and, if you’re approved for the program, your shipments of medicine and supplies.

Finally, you’ll answer a series of questions that have been carefully designed to ensure the program is right for you—meaning safe and likely to be effective.

BE SURE TO ANSWER EACH QUESTION HONESTLY AND ACCURATELY. Your safety and the effectiveness of the program depend on this.

Once done with the evaluation, submit the answers. Your payment method will be charged the consultation fee and you’ll receive a confirming email.

Within 48 hours, we’ll send you an email letting you know if you’ve been approved for Ziven Testosterone. If you have been, we’ll automatically order your first two-month supply of medicine and supplies.



You should receive your first shipment within two weeks of when the order is placed, depending on our pharmacy’s fulfillment schedule and shipping time to your address.

We’ll send you an email with your tracking number once it’s shipped. You’ll also receive an emailed invoice for your first two-month order.

Ziven has partnered with carefully selected U.S. pharmacies to fulfill your order. Part of our state-of-the-art fulfillment process is making sure the pharmacy closest to you handles your shipment.

The box you receive will not have any indication that it contains testosterone.

Once you receive it, open it carefully and make sure all contents are intact, and the shipment is complete. A shipping list will show what the package contains. See Pricing and Products for a complete list of contents in a typical package.



Note: if you’re using cream, skip to the cream application section below.

Be sure to check the dosage information on the box the testosterone vial comes in. Usually this is 1 milliliter (ML) per week, but it may vary.

Instructions for injecting yourself are included in the package. One of our patients has produced a video on self-injection that you can view here.

Millions of people regularly inject themselves without any problems, but it can be stressful to do it the first time. Please take time to become familiar with the injection process before you start. It’s a necessary step towards accomplishing your goal of enjoying the benefits of testosterone restoration.

Injections are administered in the large muscle just outside the midline of your thigh. It’s not hard to do, but it’s important to do the injection correctly.

Once you’re done, congratulate yourself! You’re on your way to getting it back!

Be sure to dispose of the used needle in the sharps container. Store the container in a safe location and dispose of it when full according to local regulations.



Note: if you self-inject, see the injection section above.

Important: be sure to follow instructions carefully to ensure testosterone is not transferred to others!

Applying testosterone cream is easy, safe, and just as effective as self injection. You must be diligent in following the application schedule, however, to ensure you get the full benefits of supplementing your testosterone with this method.

Begin by checking the dosage prescribed for you on the packaging you received.

Dispense the prescribed amount by following the instructions that came with the cream.

Apply the cream to your scrotum for maximum benefit. This area has thin skin, a lot of blood vessels, and isn’t as likely to come into contact with others as alternate application sites.

Immediately after application, wash your hands thoroughly to reduce the possibility of passing any residue onto others, especially women and children.

Apply the cream twice a day to maintain a steady level of testosterone. Most of our patients apply the cream just after their morning shower and just before going to bed.

It takes several hours for the cream to be fully absorbed. If you expect the area you typically apply the cream to might be in contact with another person in the two to three hours after application, apply the cream after the chance of contact has passed.

Also, if you think you might sweat a lot in the period after you typically apply the cream, as would be the case with exercising or working in the heat, hold off application until later. Sweating will cause the cream to dilute and hinder absorption.



Patients experience their testosterone restoration treatment differently depending on age, medical condition, lifestyle, and other considerations.

It may take a few weeks for you to feel any effects -- don’t expect immediate results. Some effects may not kick in for a few months.



Perhaps the most obvious sign your the testosterone restoration therapy is working is increased sex drive, or libido. Men who may be attracted to their partners, but haven’t felt the urge to have sex in a long time, will begin to feel the urge return.

Your erection may return, or become more firm, although testosterone alone won’t necessarily guarantee your erections will return to their youthful hardness and duration.



One patient who always wanted to take a long nap on weekends, and not just on one day, but on both days, reported that he no longer had felt so fatigued, and had not taken more than a short nap or two after he’d been on the program for a few weeks.

If you’re physically active, you might notice an extra bit of power in your muscles, more endurance, and more interest in exercising.


Body Changes

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you likely know how hard it is to get it off compared to put it on. Increasing your testosterone level is not going to slim you down significantly in a month or two, but you might start to notice that you have a bit more muscle, a bit less fat. Eating a healthy diet and getting good exercise remains key to weight loss and fitness, but testosterone supports this both by increasing energy and strength and reducing the effects of estrogen in the body that promotes increased deep visceral fat.



It’s helpful to feel better, to have more energy, and to have more sex -- all of which can help mood of course -- but testosterone replacement patients often report an overall elevation of mood, and a reduction in depressiveness, after a few months on the program.



Testosterone restoration won’t work miracles if you’re forgetful, but patients report feeling like their memory has improved. It might be subtle, but every little bit helps, especially as we age.

We love it when our patients let us know what effects they’re feeling after they’ve been on the Ziven Testosterone restoration program for a few months. Let us know your experience by writing us at!


You can reach us at If you have a health emergency of any kind, call 911 immediately.