Low testosterone and heart disease

You’re probably used to having blood drawn as part of a normal checkup at your doctor’s office. It might cause a bit of pain to be poked with a needle, but it may mean the difference between life and death. 

The blood is sent to a lab to check various biomarkers, which are substances in your body that can indicate health or risk of disease. 

These biomarkers include hormones like testosterone. They also include substances that can indicate the health of your heart: HDL cholesterol, glycated hemoglobin (relating to blood sugar), CRP (a marker for inflammation), and leptin (produced by fat cells). 

It turns out that low testosterone is highly associated with high risk levels for cardiovascular disease as measured by these heart health biomarkers. Other studies have shown that testosterone therapy helps reduce cardiovascular mortality risk. 

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Pastuszak AW, Kohn TP, Estis J, Lipshultz LI. Low Plasma Testosterone Is Associated With Elevated Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers. The journal of sexual medicine. 2017;14(9):1095-1103.